The motivation for this blog is simple: I started it with the intent of putting to the page many ideas and loose thoughts about the interplay between science and faith as I have experienced them through my time as both a Christian and practicing scientist.  As well, I also want to use this blog as a sounding board for more general thoughts about theology, philosophy, and the state of the church in America, among many other topics.  I have found that over the past few years, I have grown increasingly restless in my seeming inability to articulate my feelings on these matters verbally with my friends and colleagues, but yet my thoughts, questions, and overall passion for this area of inquiry simply will not be quelled.  Like the prophet Jeremiah, I simply cannot hold it in anymore (Jeremiah 20:9), not because I hold myself in any particular high regard, but because I truly feel that the Lord has placed it upon my heart to discuss these matters in some venue, and a blog seemed a natural place.  This also dovetails with my desire to enter into a conversation with my friends and readers, who come from all manner of perspectives and religious or nonreligious backgrounds.  I strongly believe that one can learn as much or more from those who disagree as with those who agree, and my hope is that those who visit this blog will be enriched as much as I hope to be enriched from writing it!